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Refugee Week Radio – Live from Westminster

June 12, 2009

With the British National Party winning its first two seats in the European Parliament, immigration has again become a hot political topic . Instead of throwing eggs, University of Westminster staff and students are providing informed and well-researched debate on Refugee Week Radio (15th- 22nd
June ).

Tuesday’s transmission (1600-1800, 16th June) on the web-based international community radio station, features documentaries by students on our Masters in Journalism programme.

Rose Hawkins presents a harrowing account from three women who have fled rape and torture in various African war zones. She also exposes a secret plan to impose quotas on the number of asylum seekers who will get British citizenship.

Helen Catt explores the possibility – backed by London Mayor Boris Johnson – of an amnesty for some illegal immigrants who can prove that they are working and integrating well into London life.

And Sibusiso Mvitsho delves into the archives and her own family history from the early days of Zimbabwe’s independence from British colonial rule, and the pressures that meant her relatives had to leave their home country.

The radio shows coming from our London studios form part of a rolling network of broadcasts from all parts of the UK joining the worldwide celebration of Refugee Week.

Janet Whyatt

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