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Student TV News: Rave ON

June 11, 2009

Students are creating their own television news network and they successfully launched the idea at Ravensbourne College’s annual Rave on Air event.

Matthew Marquis has a dream that one day this will become a viable TV news channel made by and for students.He has already convinced the Broadcast Journalism Training Council (BJTC) and is seeking funding from the Unltd regeneration company.

The idea models a project on the Open Student Television Network (OSTN) the US-based student television network. Last year  Westminster University’s television students produced a live show from London tfor heir national conference, delivered over the internet..

Journalism Masters students Stuart Mawer, Charlotte Hayward and Laura-Jane Hawkins from Westminster presented TV news bulletins on the hour and on the half-hour throughout the day, streamed live on IPTV from . The Westminster student newsreaders looked professional against a high-tech backdrop created in the Ravensbourne virtual news studio, making an ordinary desk into a stunning set.

“It’s brilliant but such hard work” said Charlotte Hayward “and we have to be quite diplomatic because the Ravensbourne students aren’t studying journalism but they want to write the scripts as well…”

Editorial decision-making is all in the hands of the students and UoW lecturers Dr Richard Wright and Jane Whyatt could only watch in admiration, offering feedback as friendly colleagues rather than teachers. BJTC secretary Jim Latham was full of praise.

The next challenge is to repeat the success of the pilot and somehow, despite the recession, find a way to fund the future of the London Student Network. You can see a gallery of pictures at videos from the launch event here.

Jane Whyatt

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