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Radio Talk: Should Jonathan Ross be live?

June 3, 2009

So Jonathan Ross’s BBC radio show no longer to be broadcast live in case he makes any more dodgy comments that upset the Daily Mail and a few prudes.

We debate this new move in the Radio Academy’s weekly podcast Radio Talk.

‘It’s just a way for radio’s most over-rated presenter to enjoy a lie-in on a Saturday morning, now that he doesn’t have to get up to present a live show’ was my opinion.

It caused a bit of a frisson round the table, where the other guests were Ofcom’s Peter Davies and Sony Awards chair Tim Blackmore of the giant indie UBC. They agreed with me that pre-recording Wossy is a waste of time and money, since he is paid for the razor-sharp humour which only appears to work when he has a live guest or caller.

We also talked about the best things we’d heard on radio that week and I was proud to describe the ‘aural banquet’ of the University of Westminster’s postgraduate radio documentary projects, ranging from the plight of Rwandan rape victims to the state of the music industry and the price of bras. But the Radio Academy’s Trevor Dann, hosting the podcast, said they didn’t count as they are not on the radio!

So instead I chose that nailbiting moment on BBC Radio 5Live when it looked as though Manchester United might get a consolation goal in the Champions League Final and commentator Alan Green was forced to admit ‘I can’t see what’s happening…there’s a female Spanish radio commentator jumping up and down in front of me. Sit down love, sit down!” Pure farce – but at least it broke the tension on a miserable night when my team was well an truly beaten. Live radio – I love it! Get the podcast.

Janet Whyatt

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