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Mosey on the London Olympics

March 10, 2009

London’s Olympics will be have a very different look to that of Beijing, according to the BBC head of coverage.

Roger Mosey, outgoing head of BBC Sport and in charge of 2012 and Amanda Farnsworth Project Executive, spoke to journalism students in Harrow Tuesday 10th March

Beijing set a high standard, according to Mosey, and he talked about how 2012 would base a lot of activity in the heart of London or anyway in sporting hearts such as Lords for archery, Greenwich for equestrian events and the Serpentine for swimming. This he said would contrast with the many wonderful purpose built sites in Beijing. Another difference would be that 2012 would more participatory in the way of a “Henman Hill” in the Olympic Park, outside the stadia. Families will be able to picnic in the area.

He emphasised that the BBC was innovative with radio and television with broadcasting creating a national coming together such as the Coronation on TV in 1953 or the abdication speech of Edward VIII on radio in 1936. People often say that ODA is building the stage, LOCOG is putting on the show, but what Roger did not say that most of us and the world will experience 2012 through the BBC’s camera angles and edits. The 2012 legacy, may after all, be in their hands …

Alun Tlusty-Sheen

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