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ITN secure says Managing Editor

February 11, 2009

ITN’s Managing Editor says the company is secure at least till 2012 through its contract with ITV.

Speaking to students at the University of Westminster last night (Tuesday) he said that the broadcaster was looking to ITN to make savings but that the coverage budget – sending out reporters  – was guaranteed for this year and next.

“We are always looking for efficiencies. We have to display an eye to costs,” he said.

Last weekend The Times newspaper reported that ITV was looking to reduce or sell its 40% share in the company which makes The News at Ten and Channel 4 News.

Elias talked about the efficiencies that a totally digital, integrated newsroom offers and how most producers are able to shoot cutaways when working with a crew.

“It means you can shoot round the back of the house at the same time as you shoot at the front,” he said.

The role of craft editors at ITN appears secure but reporters, who have been taught to use cameras, should also be able to edit.

“Craft editors are a core skill and we need them,” said Elias. “The reporter is better writing the script. Doing the editing would be a distraction”.

Answering the inevitable question from a student in search of job he said he would expect a candidate to have at least viewed both major network news programmes the night before an interview and compare them.

“Some people have not watched the news. I wouldn’t say the interview sometimes stops then, but it certainly does not get better!”

Adding that he is suspicious of people who say they want to be presenters, he said that he would expect job applicants to show “added value” by blogging, have experience in local radio and possibly having done some filming of their  own.

Geoffrey Davies

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